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Insurance Claims Management

Access a direct delivery service that facilitates timely, hassle-free repairs to the properties you insure by partnering with Blyth Group. We provide a diverse range of bespoke, efficient and comprehensive turnkey solutions to address a variety of different scenarios. As the cornerstone of our business, we understand the importance of minimising stress for policyholders, helping them get back on their feet quickly and reducing scope for potential complaints.

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Insurers trust Blyth Group to deliver a superior service

Reduce the lifecycles of your claims and deliver maximum value for money with a service specially adapted to your needs, and those of your policyholders. The 'customer journey' is a key component of our core company values, which include:

Customer Care

Putting ourselves in customers’ shoes to ensure provision of exemplary customer service.

Effective Communication

Being consistently clear, honest and transparent in all communications.

Thinking Outside The Box

Seeking effective solutions to seemingly impossible obstacles and issues.

Sticking to these values enables us to get policyholders back to normality quickly and with minimum input. This helps keep your customers happy and prevents you from spending time responding to complaints. We manage our team and services in-house, giving you a single point of contact and complete accountability throughout the entire course of repair or replacement work. By tailoring our services to suit individual insurers and each individual claim, we can help you achieve real efficiency savings and gain maximum value for money from the solution. To ensure delivery of the best possible standards for our insurer clients, we consistently enhance our approach based on customer feedback and data analysis.

Wherever possible, we'll take steps to manage and/or mitigate the risk of future claims. All our work is carried out to meet if not exceed construction regulations, helping you gain maximum value for the lifetime of the solution.

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claims management

What Claim Services Do We Provide?

Whatever type of property you need to repair, we can provide you with comprehensive and timely resolutions. Our insurance services cover:


  • Single Rooms
  • Full Houses
  • Suburban Properties
  • Inner-City Properties


  • Shops (inc. Superstores)
  • Factories
  • Steel-fabricated Properties
  • Venues (eg. Hotels & Restaurants)